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“New Life” Health and Education Society and “NEW LIFE” Institute of Nursing, as the metronymic “NEW LIFE” itself exemplifies the pure intention of sprouting a seed on a soil which introduces a new designate to our world. Being a working organization in this tribal affected and remote area itself is a dignified commodity. So we put our hand forward in these sectors with a foresight to improve the current status of health and its education to its ultimate hierarchy as it ever can go.

“New Life” Health and Education Society is a Working and unceasingly active organization since its inception from 3rd December 2011. Since then it has performed and organized diverse health programmes through out the state evidently seen by its small but healthy contribution to the society and annual reports.

To exhilarate the status of health education to its proximity as much as we can, came the foundation of “New Life” institute of Nursing on 20th July 2015. Through this institute we want to carry forward the legacy of contribution by Florence Nightingale in the field of modern nursing which is the art and mould for maintaining and promoting health of an individual,family, society and ultimately the nation

New Life Institute Of Nursing Introduction

"Caring the Patient is service to the nation and service to humanity"
New Life Health & Education Society is one of the main fore-coming pre-requisites for a developed nation. In health sector too, it is the accessibility to health services in general and primary health services in particular that is in area of concern for one and all. Further there is also an urgent need to give a flip to preventive health care initiatives at the community level. New Life works in the field of education, health, economic up-liftment and the sports activities. It has conducted a no. of health camps, health and awareness programmes. As a part of extension of educational activities, the New Life Health & Education Society has started its nursing institute in the year 2015-16 named as “New Life Institute of Nursing” with G.N.M. programme and B. Sc. NursingStarted in Academic Session 2018-2019.

New Life Institute of Nursing is a unit of New Life Health & Education Society a registered society established primarily for the benefit of the societies as well as communities. It is open to all persons irrespective of religion, caste or community and is affiliated to Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, Directorate of Medical Education of C.G. The three (3) years Diploma course in General Nursing and Midwifery and four (4) year degree course in Basic B.Sc. Nursing is so designed that the nurses may be skilled not only in bedside care but also understand the principles of health and prevention of disease. During the course of this training it is expected that they acquire a good deal of experience in the development of health teaching, in the out-patient department and wards of the hospital, Maternal and Child health clinics, home-visit, both at rural and urban areas.

Also, New Life Health & Education Society is providing skill training to the under-previliged needful students who are somehow not able to attain higher education and are vocationally not stable. We help such students to attain skill trainings and make some earning using the skill based technical educations on their own to serve themselves and their families.

The role of nurse as a member of health team is very vital. The doctor makes the diagnosis and prescribes drugs but the total care of the patient has to be managed by the nurse. Hence a great responsibility lies with the nurse.

Nursing care is generally viewed as a unique health service system which aims at providing care to the individuals in various conditions which cannot be managed alone by the family members.

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