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General Terms and Conditions

  1. Students shall wear prescribed uniform while on duty and arrange it at their own cost.

  2. The student shall observe all rules and discipline of the hostel and of the hostel and of the college/hospital.

  3. They shall pay college fees and Hostel charges in time.

  4. Students shall not attend classes on their own without prior permission of the principal.

  5. The students shall undertake all types of duties of nursing in all shifts; have to follow the rules and orders of the college and hospital authorities.

  6. Students shall do nothing inside or outside the college that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline.

  7. No students shall collect any money as contribution for picnic trip, educational visit, get-together, charity or any other activity without the prior permission from the principal.

  8. In case of any misconduct of students, they can be suspended from the college by the principal, which would be final.

  9. Personal or group entertainment items like radio, walkman etc. are not allowed in the college.

  10. No single student or group of students shall be represented by anyone.

  11. The following act of omission or commission shall be treated as misconduct.
    • Physical assault or force against any member in the campus.
    • Creating any kind of ill will or intolerance on religious or communal ground.
    • Possess, carry or consume items like tobacco, smoking and alcohol consumption.
    • Ragging of any sort.
    • Having any custody/threat of use of any weapons
    • Possessing or use of mobile phones
    • Willful destruction of institute property.

  12. Students with criminal record are not eligible for admission.

  13. It is recommended that the students come to college in simple and sober dress suitable for an academic environment.

  14. Students shall be answerable for bringing friends/collegues/relatives etc. to the college during regular classes, functions etc. without permissions from the concerned authorities.

  15. Students have to appear for the internal tests or model exams conducted by the college as per the instructions from the university, failing which the students will face difficulty in appearing for annual examination.

  16. For issuing caution money, railway concessions, other concession forms, the students will have to submit the application to the office.

  17. Library rules have to be strict followed. Any student who takes books from the library without permission or tear pages of library books, expresses themselves to grave penalties.

  18. No marks or inscriptions of any kind should be made in the books of library. Offenders will be fined in proportion to the damage done.

  19. Besides the studies, the students are expected to participate in the student union activities and in the professional activities students can participate in the national competitions. Being the professional body called S. N. A.

  20. Domestic atmosphere is maintained among the students and necessary counseling/guidance is given to the students to solve the personal problems.

  21. Every student in the college should have a good behaviour and observe all rules and maintain discipline of the institute and the university.

  22. Authorities will not be responsible for student attempting suicide of any kind.

  23. When a student have been guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the premises of the college or the institution, or persistence idleness or misconduct, the principal may according to nature and gravity of the offence:
    • Suspend such student from attending classes for not more than a week at a time
    • Expel such a student from the college or
    • Disqualify such a student from ensuing examination.
    • Any other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the college authority.

  24. Under university rules students shall have minimum 80% attendance in theory and practical for appearing in the university examination and must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before the award of degree.

  25. For local students, parents only can be a local guardian. However, local guardian shall be responsible to take care of them in hospital.

  26. A mess and hostel fee is to be paid in two installments

  27. Student shall strictly follow the hostel rules

Note- Therefore said conditions are subject to modification at the discretion of the management.