Main Road, Baikunthpur, Dist- Korea (C.G.)


Parent Hospital

Sharma Hospital, Baikunthpur is the parent hospital of New Life Institute of Nursing. It is 120 bedded Multi Specialty Hospital with advanced diagnostic laboratory with more than 75% bed occupancy.

Affiliated Hospitals

• District Hospital, Baikunthpur is the affiliated hospital which is150 bedded hospital with variety of cases providing clinical experience of different case scenarios in clinical areas

• Govt. Mental Hospital, Bilaspur is the affiliated hospital for the clinical experience of psychiatric cases.

Community Zone

• Students of New Life Institute of Nursing are regularly utilizing the rural, urban and community area covered by Community Health Centre, Patna (Baikunthpur), Korea, C.G.

• Also, all the Primary Health Centre and Subcenters covered by Community Health Centre, Patna (Baikunthpur), Korea, C.G.

• Activities of the nursing students includes early identification of health problems by regular home visit, participation in National Health Programme, like Pulse Polio Immunization programme, Community Nutrition Development Programme, Reproductive and Child Health Services and School Health Services etc.

Co-Curricular Zone

Recreational Activities

Facilities of in-door games like chess and carom and out-door games like badminton, volleyball, hand-ball, ring throw, cricket and football are available for recreational purpose of students.

Cultural Activities

Cultural programmes are organized on various occasions. The students are encouraged to participate in dance, skit, poster competitions etc. in promoting inherent talents of the students.

Hostel Accommodation

• Institute has sponsored hostel providing all basic facilities for lodging, boarding and having homely atmosphere for studies.

• Residence in the hostel of the institute is compulsory for female candidates admitted to B.Sc. &GNM programmes.


All the students of the hostel shall be required to join the mess. Booklet on rules regarding hostel and mess is available at the office.


Institute provides conveyance facilities to students by comfortable own bus for clinical training/college & other field work.